Reflective Dog Bone Sticker

Dog Bone Weatherproof Reflective Sticker


Safely find the corner of your dark driveway or the railing of your veranda at night with our Dog Bone Weatherproof Reflective Stickers. These stickers are extremely reflective and their uses are endless, on rigid surfaces, for increased safety for dog lovers and for everyone! Dog Bone Weatherproof Reflective Stickers measure 1.75 inches at their widest part and 3.25 inches in length.

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Product Description

Find your gate safely with our Dog Bone Weatherproof Reflective Sitckers. This self adhesive reflective tape is easy to adhere – just peel and stick the Dog Bone sticker to a rigid surface – not to clothing. Our Dog Bone Reflective Sticker will work well for you in dry or in rainy conditions.

In daytime light the sticker looks silver in colour but when a light shines on the sticker (car headlights or a flashlight) it will look a very bright white colour – great for a gate post, a mailbox, a barn door, and endless other items.

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