DogMa Waterproof Capsule

DogMa Waterproof Capsule – Black with Silver


The DogMa waterproof capsule will keep your dog’s or your medication (pill) dry while you are walking your dog. Paper money or identification can also be stored in this practical waterproof capsule while you are out on the trail, in all kinds of weather, with your dog.

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Product Description

DogMa Waterproof Capsule – Black with Silver

Have you ever been on a walk with your dog and needed a handy, waterproof item to store your dog’s medication or its identification or your medication or your identification or a 5 dollar bill?  The DogMa Boutique has the solution for you with our waterproof capsule!

Attach this waterproof capsule easily, with its accompanying split ring, to a carabiner, a belt loop, a knapsack, a purse, a key chain or even to your dog’s collar or harness while you are walking with your dog.  The weight of this practical waterproof capsule is 25 grams (less than 1 oz).  The waterproof capsule measures 6.35 cm  (2.5 inches) in length plus the 2.54 cm (1 inch) removable split ring and is 1.91 cm (.75 inch) in width.

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