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DogMa Apron


Need a stylish and practical apron for baking healthy dog cookies for your dog/s or for grooming your dog/s? Our one of a kind DogMa Apron is available for your baking adventures and/or for your dog grooming sessions.

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Product Description

DogMa Apron – with accompanying healthy dog cookie recipe

Are you a DogMa who loves to bake cookies and treats for your dog/s?  We have the perfect apron for you and we have made this baking adventure easier for you by tucking one of our recipes, for healthy dog cookies, into one of the apron’s pockets.   Your dog/s will thank you for these healthy (wheat free and dairy free) tasty treats made from human grade ingredients and TLC.

Are you a DogMa who likes to groom your dog/s but is always looking for that perfect piece of clothing to keep the dog hair at bay?  Look no further!  Our DogMa Apron is also practical for groomers too.

Our full length one of a kind DogMa Apron is 100% cotton.  It measures twenty-two inches wide and thirty inches long so the one size fits all body types.  The one inch wide neck strap is adjustable and the waist strap is also one inch wide.  At waist level are two “patch” pockets and one pen pocket.  The 100% cotton material has a soil release finish to help keep your DogMa apron cleaner, longer.

This DogMa Apron also makes a great gift for a special DogMa.  It is practical and easy to ship and we use Canada Post for shipping this item.  If you would like to add tracking to your DogMa Apron order please contact us for the revised postage fee.  Your dog/s are counting on you to begin baking them healthy treats and some dogs will be happy about their next grooming session 🙂