Handmade Sterling Silver Dog Bone Earrings #4

Handmade, Sterling Silver, Dog Bone Earrings #4


Handmade Sterling Silver dog bone earrings – version 4

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Product Description

Handmade, Sterling Silver, Dog Bone Earrings #4

Simply “chewed”, Sterling Silver, handmade dainty dog bone earrings! We textured these sweet dog bone earrings using one of our favourite hammers to enhance their unique surface. Our Collie Crew approves of the results.

Dainty in size and lightweight, these handmade dog bone earrings are perfect for a special DogMa to wear all day and to any occasion. DogMa jewelry is in style these days!

Their width is five eighths of an inch and their length, including the high quality Sterling Silver earring hooks, is three quarters of an inch.

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