Handcrafted Sterling Silver Wavey Decorated Cuff

Handcrafted Sterling Silver Wavy Decorated Cuff


Imagine walking on the beach…this can now be done anywhere while wearing this one of a kind handcrafted sterling silver cuff. A wavy design, influenced by the Pacific Ocean on our coast, is comfortable to wear and simply elegant.

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Influenced by Canada’s west coast where we are located, our handcrafted one of a kind chic cuff is sure to turn the tide at your next social gathering. Using the torch to manipulate the sterling silver gave us the gentle undulations in the cuff’s design and the simple and elegant silver balls represent pebbles remaining on the beach when the waves recede.

Measuring 1 inch – .75 inch in width, this one of a kind cuff has a 1 inch opening and the inner measurement, excluding the opening, is 5.75 inches. The cuff is not meant to be overly flexed each time it is put on/taken off as, with any metal cuff, over flexing can lead to metal fatigue and this may considerably damage the cuff over time. Be kind to your cuff!

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