Jewelry Polishing Cloth

Jewelry Polishing Cloth


Has the shine from your jewelry disappeared? Bring back that shine with our recommended polishing cloth – we use it and we love it 🙂


Product Description

Jewelry Polishing Cloth –

Is the shine missing from your Sterling Silver jewelry?  We recommend this wonderful, reusable, polishing cloth made in Japan.  It is impregnated with the polish and can be used until it is black in colour.

Measuring 7 inches by 7.5 inches, this double sided polishing cloth does not scratch the metal and the items regain their polished look quickly.  We use this polishing cloth in our studio and we speak from experience.

Store this useful polishing cloth in an airtight bag/container and do not wash it.  In addition to polishing Silver, this great polishing cloth will also safely polish Gold, Brass and Copper.

Happy polishing.

Canada Post ships this amazing polishing cloth in a regular long envelope and we repackage it to reduce the shipping weight.

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