Handcrafted Sterling Silver Winged Earrings

Handcrafted Sterling Silver Winged Earrings


Winged sterling silver earrings handmade on Canada’s west coast where Ravens fly overhead and sometimes drop a feather or two. We thank the Ravens for giving us ideas to use in this one of a kind pair of sterling silver earrings.

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Our handcrafted, sculptural, winged sterling silver earrings are influenced by a Raven’s feather which we found when hiking. Many of the feather’s elements were incorporated in to this one of a kind pair of earrings. ¬†The patina on the earrings highlights the depths of the texturing and the sculptural nature of the design.

Measuring  approximately 1.25 inches wide by 1.25 inches tall (plus the length of the high quality sterling silver earring hooks) these earrings are light to wear and swing gently.

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