Dog Paw Earrings – Pierced & Concave

Handcrafted Sterling Silver Small Dog Paw Earrings – (concave)


These handcrafted sterling silver dog paw earrings are small and light enough for all day wearing and enjoyment.

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Product Description

These limited edition, handcrafted, sterling silver, dog paw earrings are smaller in diameter than their counterparts – The diameter of these sweet little paw earrings is .5 inch and with the high quality sterling silver earring hooks, these earrings hang down 1 inch.  Each paw is individually cut out with a jeweller’s saw so the two paws are not exactly the same…just like in real life.

These handmade dog paw earrings are perfect to give as a gift to another DogMa or as a special gift to yourself.

These sterling silver dog paw earrings are shipped with tracking for your convenience and peace of mind.

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